Grilled Salmon Patties

This recipe comes from my hunny’s grandmother. She says you have to purchase the Royal Pink Salmon. It is quick and easy! She makes them in a skillet on the stove but tonight I was lazy and didn’t want to have to deal with the extra dishes so I cooked them on the grill.   

1 can of Salmon
salt, to taste
pepper, to taste
2 eggs
5-7 Saltine crackers
squirt of lemon juice


Turn salmon and liquid into a medium mixing bowl. Flake with a fork, removing any bones.
Add the eggs, salt, pepper and crushed crackers.
Make patties and place on a foil sheet on the grill with butter, flip and brown the other side.



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  1. Those look great! I’ve never made salmon patties before!

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m following you back and I am super excited because you just gave me my dinner recipe! Thanks! :)

  3. Yummy! Never thought about throwing them on the grill…

  4. I love salmon patties, no one made them like my MawMaw though. I tried after she passed away and they were not good at all. I like your recipe though I will have to try it

  5. Oh! I LOVE salmon Patties! They are one of my faves! Thanks for following, I am following you back.

    xo Erin

  6. we love salmon patties i always cream my peas to go with my patties

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