Maze Mania #1

Today I’m going to start a progressive blog about the corn maze at our farm! This will be our 4th season of Experience the Farm at Kelsay Farms! So, this is my 4th corn maze that I have put together!

Now, I have learned a ton over the last 4 years about a corn maze! As the time goes on – I will share with you some of the big and even BIGGER mistakes that I have made with the maze. But to start off – I will say that they are NOT as easy as they look! They may just look like a corn field with a picture in it – but OH – they are so much more than that! They are weeks of planning, thinking, preparing for and then weeks of mapping out, cutting out, photographing and best of all – they are weeks of enjoying in the fall!!!!

I really do LOVE the start of a new corn maze. It’s like an artist with a blank page. I’m the artist of this corn field! It’s so fun to choose the design, pencil it out and then see it come to reality as the summer goes on. So, on our farm we take suggestions from our customers. I had more suggestions for this year’s maze design than any other year. Therefore, we are giving our customers what they want!!! Now – I’ll tell you right now that I will not reveal the design of the 2010 corn maze until later in the summer. BUT – when I do, you will be among the first to know!

So, here are the steps we’ve completed so far:

1) Penciled out a design and emailed that photo to Tracy at Top Crop. Tracy is my friend and sorority sister from college (go Sigma Alpha!) who takes that penciled idea and puts it into the GPS coordinates of the field.

**Ah – ha!!! You were expecting a photo here weren’t you?!?! Not yet!!!

2) Tilled the soil for planting – or as we call it – worked the ground! So, tillage equipment pulls out and planter arrives at the scene.

3) Planted the field – not once but twice! We plant it criss-cross so we don’t have the paths between rows. You want a solid field of corn with no visible paths to start out with.

3) Tracy arrives on the scene the day after planting and starts mapping it out. You’ll notice that she drops flags every few feet and then ties them together with the twine. That twine makes the shape or design of the maze. (She had some extra helpers this year – my three little munchies!!!!)

4) Now – we watch it grow…
Until next time on Maze Mania – let’s hope for rain when we need it and warm sunny days in between!
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  1. Very cool! I figured they just went and mowed down the corn or something – definitely didn’t realize that you planted it both directions!

  2. Great photos of the process!

  3. great photos.

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