Maze Mania #2

We’ve been watching the corn grow here at the farm!!!  With the really warm temps we’ve been having here lately (90’s) and the rain, the corn has literally grown over night. Here’s a picture of the corn maze today…

This means that the time had come to start the next process! So, I started out early this AM to a field of corn just calling my name. Even though it was a scorcher here today (temp was around 93 and heat index over 100), I do love to be out in the maze. I can just imagine families enjoying it this fall when the sun is shining, a cool wind is blowing and the air smells like a fall campfire. You see, fall is my favorite time of the year. This is one of the reasons why I wanted to start this corn maze business. I can’t imagine any better place than to be outside enjoying the fall weather every day in Oct.!!!! I love the colors, smells, pumpkins, rustling corn stalks, falling leaves… Ahh!!!

Oops – back to today — so the project is to spray the corn along the outline of the maze to make the pattern become more visable in order to prepare it for mowing. Here are the steps:

1) Locate the twine that is tied between the flags. This was a little tricky today because some of the twine was packed in to the soil from all of the rain we’ve had lately. The corn was also a little on the tall side so the flags were even hard to locate. Needless to say – this took a little longer than I wanted it to!!

2) Strap on my handy-dandy sprayer and get to work! Now, I must admit that I had to have some help getting this thing up on my back! It’s only a 4 gallon sprayer but let me tell you – it is heavy when it’s full!!
3) So, as the corn that I sprayed starts to turn brown and shrivel, the path for the maze will become much easier to see. Then, we’ll be ready for the first cutting or mowing! That is when the fun really begins!

Until next time on Maze Mania, stay cool!!!


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  1. So you sprayed it with Roundup? I was expecting spray paint. lol.

  2. We have considered spray paint before but spraying to kill the corn actually works much better!

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