Maze Mania #3

Straight up – I gotta tell you that I’m a few weeks late in posting this. I do apologize. We cut the maze the evening before we left for vacation and then we returned to the county fair and next thing you know – it’s been a few weeks. So, rewind a few weeks and here goes…

The time had come to CUT THE MAZE!!! This is always an exciting process! We have learned from our mistakes over the last few years and we can accomplish this task in much less time now and definitely with fewer people! We went from 8 people and something like 10 hours a few years ago to 3 people and 3 hours this year! Woot!!!

So, here’s a photo of the maze paths just a couple of weeks after I had sprayed them. (You can check out Maze Mania #2 for this!)

So, with maps in hand – we set out to start cutting! We had one person on the mower and two people working ahead to pull up the flags and twine that had been set when we planted the field. Each person has a map to follow and the most important person is the one on the mower!!!! We use red ink to follow along the paths on our maps where we cut so we know when we have cut every path out there!

This is when the maze starts to come to life! It’s fun to think about where you are standing when you are out there or ‘what’ you are standing in! You will understand this when we post our aerial photo!

Here are some other photos from the cutting day!

Last but not least, we should be left with 5′ paths throughout the maze that “hopefully” will create a picture! Speaking of picture – stay tuned for the next Maze Mania for an aerial photo!!!! Yes – it’s coming soon!!!!

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  1. Very cool to see the progressive stages of a corn maze :)

  2. We have a corn field by our fair grounds, so (every other year) we always talk about adding a corn maze, but it hasn’t happened yet. Fun to see how this whole process works! Can’t wait for the aerial view!

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  9. This is so cool, I always wondered how this was done

  10. Can’t wait to see the aerial photo!!!

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