Maze Mania #4

Wow!!! This is how I feel every year when I see an aerial photo of our corn maze! I know what it should look like (I designed it!) BUT you never know that it looks just right until you see it from the air. So, this is what we did over the weekend. Our good friends from Evansville flew up to take the photos. They have been gracious enough to do this every year that we’ve done a corn maze. THANKS Phil & April!

Here are some photos of ME taking photos of HER taking photos from the air  :)

My three munchies even got some time in the plane! Not in the air though!!!! He took Miss Bug up when she was only 3 and she loved it but it made mommy a little nervous from below. So, we’re going to wait until everyone is a little older to go up again!

So, 1 hour and 160 photos later – we had the perfect shot! Here’s our whole crew at the end of the day:

Although I’d love to post the 2010 Kelsay Farms Corn Maze photo below —— I can’t! I’m releasing it in just a few days… So, STAY TUNED!!!

And, for those of you with airplanes – don’t get any ideas… :)


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  1. ARRRRRGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I am doing my best Charlie Brown lament of frustration!) I was all ready to see the maze, and now I have to wait? :-) I am such an impatient person, did I tell you that? 😉

  2. I checked your blog post before my sister’s all because I thought I was going to get to see the maze! :( Hope you’ll post it before we see you next weekend!

  3. I love a good corn maze! Best thing about October!

  4. Can’t wait to see this corn maze. I will be watching

  5. Sherry Pryor says:

    What an awesome time you must of had. I bet the kiddos loved hanging out in the plane. I will be waiting on FB to see the pics of the maze…very exciting.

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