Picky Eater Enchiladas

My farmer is a picky eater! His grandma even agreed over the weekend! He likes farmer food, a.k.a. meat and potatoes. I guess he does like Mexican food… well he likes tacos… but don’t even think about putting guacamole (yum!) on his plate!

I have been making these enchiladas for years and I made them for him just the other day. Guess what, he liked them!

Start by browning your ground beef, drain. Add taco seasoning.
Add refried beans and mix together.
Make the sauce by whisking cream of chicken soup, salsa,  and milk together. You can change how spicy this recipe is by using a spicier salsa. I usually use mild but I am a wimp when it comes to spicy foods!
Pour a layer of sauce on the bottom of the pan so the enchiladas don’t stick!
Put equal amounts of meat mixture in each soft shell, I use flour but you can use corn tortillas if you like. Roll them up so the filling stays inside the tortilla.
Place enchiladas in pan and cover completely with cheese.
Pour on the rest of the sauce. This recipe makes 10 enchiladas which is a more than we will eat so I freeze half.
Picky Eater Enchiladas


  • 1-10 pack medium size corn or flour tortillas
  • 1 lb ground beef
  • 1 package taco seasoning
  • 1 can refried beans
  • 2 cups taco or Mexican flavored cheese
  • Sauce
  • 2 cans cream of chicken soup
  • A 15.5 oz. jar of salsa
  • 1 1/2 cups milk


  1. Brown the ground beef over medium heat in a large skillet then drain the fat.
  2. Add taco seasoning and prepare according to package instructions.
  3. Add refried beans and mix together.
  4. In a medium sauce pan whisk together the cream of chicken soup, salsa, milk and heat through.
  5. Pour a layer of sauce on the bottom of a 9 x 13 pan.
  6. Put equal amounts of meat mixture in each tortilla.
  7. Roll up to keep the filling inside.
  8. Place enchiladas in pan and cover with cheese.
  9. Pour remaining sauce over the enchiladas.
  10. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 – 45 minutes or until bubbly.
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  1. I’m a picky eater as well and these sound YUMMY! I think I might have to try this out sometime this week.

  2. Those look delish. I would come over and eat those anytime!!!

  3. wow, might have to try these with my picky eater! YUM :)

  4. Hi Liz,
    Your Enchilada’s look great! Thank you for sharing your recipe.
    Miz Helen

  5. Hey Liz,
    Thanks for stopping and I now follow you, too. I love the farm… grew up on one. Great descriptive pictures of your food. Looks good enough to eat! Ha

  6. looks delish– my fam would gobble this up in no time!

  7. This looks wonderful. My guys would inhale it.

  8. Yum! LOVE that you freeze half 😉 I made a monstrous casserole last night and kicked myself for not splitting it up before putting it in the oven to freeze half (or heck 2/3 of it)!

  9. Oh that sounds delish!

  10. This looks incredibly good! Thanks, you guys!

  11. evaporated milk? Or will any kind do? Looks good!

  12. dang–I mixed the milk, salsa, and c o chicken in WITH the meat :( Hopefully it’s almost as good!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, the instructions aren’t very clear on many parts. WOuld be nice if something had done some proof-reading and editing. But even still, by process of cooking experience I think enough sense can be made of them to properly cook this dish. With that and just a few alterations, it does sound pretty delish! ^_^

  13. Anonymous says:

    Made this last night with ground venison instead of beef and it turned out great! The only concern I had was the sauce was really runny, and i wasnt sure about what the “a jar of salsa” What size jar?! But other that that confusion it was a hit in my house hold! Thank you!

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