Hickory Smoked Gouda Grilled Cheese

Believe it or not it is National Grilled Cheese Month!

We have had some discussion on our Facebook page regarding the different names for grilled cheese, cheese toasty etc. Grilled Cheese won big time! So, we will continue to refer to this yummy sandwich as such!

Gouda is by far one of my most favorite cheeses!! I might have snacked a little…

One slice for me, one slice for the sandwich…
My fellow butter loving pal Leah over at Beyer Beware had a great tip about how to get the butter on your bread so I had to try it out!
Her secret for a killer grilled cheese is to put the butter in the skillet and let it melt! How had I not figured this out sooner?!? No more fighting cold butter vs. moist bread!!  

Add your bread and cheese.

Add more butter and flip! Doesn’t that look like the perfect grilled cheese!?!

Oh yummy!!

After lunch we decided to do what every country kid (please let us think that we are still kids!) with a need for speed would do on the most beautiful, warm sunny day of the year! Went on a 4-wheeler ride! I let hunny drive so I could hold on to his yummy shoulders! Okay, I’ll stop!  

No surprise, we headed towards the farm!

Where we saw “The Weeve” mixing feed for the cows!

We checked on some of the crop fields. Glamorous way to spend your Sunday afternoon I know!

This group of heifers was really enjoying the weather, kicking up their hooves and running all over the place!

I tried to take a video on my camera for you but my hunny decided to go really fast and the video ended up being of the sky as I tried to hold on for dear life! More yummy shoulder time!!

The cows weren’t the only ones who enjoyed racing us!

The pups Lexi and Maci also love to play catch me if you can!!

Time for a break in the shade!! Their fur is about as wild and thick as my hair!!
We put up our flag!

And did some baking! Here is a preview for this week’s Two Maids a Baking! We hope to see you and your delicious dishes tomorrow!! 


About Liz

I’m a dairy cattle showing, wine loving, cake baking, wife and mommy navigating the world of friend’s bridal and baby showers while living & loving life on the farm.


  1. I love 4-wheeling! Best times! =) Sounds like a fun way to spend the afternoon riding around the farm!
    Oh and I looooove grilled cheese! (That’s what I’ve always called it too! :) Looks great.

  2. Grilled Cheese, for sure! Yum.

  3. That is one way to have time together. Their work is never over even on Sunday. The cheese looks good

  4. YUM! I’m gonna have to get me some gouda and step outside the comfortable Veleeta world! Loved your additional fun in the sun! Great pics!

  5. Nice! That Gouda looks great on that grilled cheese!

  6. So I just noticed the packaging on your cheese is Fair Oaks! I just wrote the other day that we visited that farm, my kids loved it! Do you own Fair Oaks, or are they other Farmwives that you visit? :)
    Oh, and smoked gouda, delish.

  7. I could so use a grilled cheese today… sounds like lunch to me! Featured you today on http://www.GOODEnessGracious.com

  8. That grilled gouda make me drool!
    Mmmm, hickory.

  9. Charlotte Moore says:

    I would not have tried putting cold butter on the bread. I guess working in restaurants my mother owned during my childhood I saw the way things were done there. They were really grilled on a grill.


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