Apple-Cinnamon Turnovers – 2 Maids a Baking

As you’ve probably noticed, I’m not the Maid that writes a lot of recipes, cooking, and baking posts and there is reason for that! I do love to cook and bake, so that’s not it – but unless I’m baking for a special occasion or for friends or family, my baking has changed dramatically in the last 5 years!!

Much to do with my little helpers in the kitchen!

Now I spend my time trying to find recipes and foods that I think they will eat and / or foods that they can help me cook. They both LOVE to be in the kitchen with me, so I try to put them to work as much as I can!

So, this week’s recipe is a kid-friendly and kid-tested one that my two girls loved helping to bake!

It is from the Gooseberry Patch  – Kids in the Kitchen cookbook. My girls got this book as a Christmas present from their Grandma who had actually met Vickie and JoAnn at a book signing and they have their very own signed copy! Exciting!!!

We started by dicing a couple of large apples (and snacking on them along the way!)

We added the brown sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg to the apples for the filling.

Using refrigerated crescent rolls, we laid half of them out on baking sheets and filled them. Then put the tops on and used a fork to crimp the edges of the dough. Huge hit with kids!

Bake at 350 for 12 minues and then drizzle some glaze over them. Enjoy!!!

The dessert plates were licked clean in this house!

Looking forward to seeing what’s baking in your house? We would love to have you link up below!!


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  1. My kids love cooking with me too–and if all they can do is pour the noddles in the pan, then they do it! The celery boats, my son and I make it together and he cuts everything. I love my kids sharing a “passion” of mine, that one day they might love as much as me!

  2. These apple turnovers look delicious and so easy to make! I like the idea of using crescent rolls instead of making the dough myself. We’re also huge fans of the Goosebury Patch books in this house. :)

    I’d love for you to share this with So Sweet Sundays!

  3. Those turnovers look great and you are making great memories with your beautiful little girls!

  4. Oooh,, I know my kids would LOVE those and so would I!

  5. Those looks so easy and yummy too! I love having my kids help in the kitchen, when I plan for it :) My oldest wants to go to culinary school (my only boy, and I have 3 girls too)…so I guess something is right!
    Thanks for hosting!

  6. My ten-year old likes to help in the kitchen, too! Such moments to treasure. :) Thanks for hosting!

  7. Those turnovers look amazing! So yum! Thanks for inviting me to the link up, so sweet!

  8. Thank you for inviting me and for hosting this party! The apple turnovers look wonderful!

  9. This would be perfect for me & my kids to try out! Simple & delish! Mommy isn’t the best cook, but I’ll still look like a rockstar! 😉 Thanks!! Always enjoy your posts!

  10. Love this post and this cookbook. I know it is an older post but I’d love for you to stop over and link it up in my kid friendly recipe link up:

    Yay! Susie

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