Happy GOLDEN Birthday!

My Wild One had her Golden Birthday last week! So, she was 5 on the 5th of June! Since this event will only happen once in her lifetime, we wanted to make it a really special day. She wasn’t quite sure what this meant (and still might not be!!) but we decided to do all things GOLD!!

We started with PLENTY of sunshine (record high temp that day – 96 degrees) and lots of family to make for a fantastic day!!! Check it out…

Check out her new ride!!!
Panning for gold…
Treasure hunting…
We found it!!
Now it’s time to cool off!!

Whew, what a big day (especially for our new niece!)


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  1. aww she’s a sweetie!! Love her cute freckles :)

  2. Love the pink pedal tractor with wagon! :)

  3. I had one that turned 9 on the 10th and it was this month! Plus my 2nd nephew was born on the 7th and weighed 7.7! Travel to my blog…..I gave you & your wonderful sis-in-law the Versatile Blogger award – http://www.harkertales.blogspot.com

  4. Oh how fun! Little Miss’s first birthday was her golden one, so we didn’t do too much for that part of it. Mister Man has a couple more years. Coolest thing for him though is that he turns 9 on 10/11/12. We’re going to have to find something fun for that one, too! Happy birthday to her!

  5. How fun! I found your blog through Big K, little a! I just love your blog! I am your newest follower and would love it if you would check out my blog and follow me too! Thanks!

  6. What a fun birthday!!!

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