My Bucket

You might have noticed some of the Real Farmwives including my bloggy partner Amy posted about their buckets earlier this week. Well my bucket made it to the farm and I might add hasn’t made it home….

Thanks to Red Hill General Store for providing both Amy and I buckets!

So, here are a couple places the bucket has shown up at the farm!

It made it to the shop to help keep track of a couple bolts.

It made it to the office and helped tidy up while I was writing checks.

I found a nice place to hang my bucket in the shop! Doesn’t it look all new and shiny!!

My hunny who hasn’t given the bucket back…. just sayin’… used it when he was taking the duals off the tractor.

2 tires…

become 1.

My hunny also thought the bucket was the perfect size to take with us to tractor pulls… yes, I just said tractor pulls, that is the hunny’s hobby! Sometimes it rains pours at a tractor pull and you need some rubber boots and something to cover your tractor exhaust pipe!!
Like seen below, note this is not one of his “pulling tractors” I must clarify or I will get in trouble!! hehe! This is just a picture of an older style tractor on the farm posing for a picture with my new bucket like it would as if we were at a tractor pull!!
Two pictures actually!

Interested in getting your own bucket? Visit here to enter to win!! Good luck and hope you have a happy holiday weekend!!

The Red Hill General Store provided me this bucket to blog about but the thoughts, pictures and ideas are all mine!!


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I’m a dairy cattle showing, wine loving, cake baking, wife and mommy navigating the world of friend’s bridal and baby showers while living & loving life on the farm.


  1. I LOVE reading your blog!! Can’t wait to try some of the recipes!!

  2. Love the photos of your bucket! Sorry to hear it was confiscated, but looks like it is being put to good use by your husband.

  3. HA! LOVE the bucket on top of the exhaust pipe! That brings back memories, especially on the old Internationals! Don’t tell my JD Greene guy about that 😉

  4. Love this post- lots of fun.
    My friend Laura is a die-hard puller, alongside (or against?) her husband Steve.

    Another friend from Michigan used to have me scavenge Tupperware hamburger maker rounds for him as exhaust covers.

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