The past 5 years…

Wow – here we are – celebrating our 5th season of Experience the Farm at our place! The past 5 years have been challenging at times but also SO rewarding! As I reflect on them, I thought it would be fun to share some highlights from our farm:

2007 – the year it all began…
I cut my first corn maze – thanks to lots of help! Thought I could do this one on my own and learned the hard way that I definitely needed help!!!

I got to go up with our friend to see the maze from the air! I think I hurt his ears when I screamed in the headphones “look, look – there it is!!” Will never forget that moment – OR our hayfield take off and landing!

2008 – the addition of the Moo Choo Express

I cannot even begin to say the hours that we spent on this project! We found the old fuel tanks sitting around the farm but spent hours and hours getting them ready to roll!
AND – the most significant addition in 2008 – My Little Man!
(He came along just 3 weeks after we closed up at the end of October that year)
2009 – up to 14 employees, thousands of children for school tours and the addition of Dairyoke!!

And a Fairy in a Dairy…

2010 – this year brought sunny skies, crazy crowds :) and the first annual Dairy Days Fall Festival…

And, LOTS of face paint!!

2011 – stay tuned…
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  1. Thanks for share the great photos. Good luck for a successful 2011 season! You are an inspiration.

  2. I love the Moo Choo express! Looks like so much fun going on at the farm…I am thinking a trip needs to be made there this fall:-)

  3. This looks like such a fun Fall thing to do!

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