When it pays to have a big "backyard"

It pays to have a “big backyard” or field behind your house when the engine to one of these things stalls.

Everyone was okay but apparently from the sky our field is one of the only places they could have landed. 
The corn stubble made it hard for them to get a running start to take off again so we loaded all their equipment in to the back of the truck and hauled it to our side yard. 
Here is the seat you sit in. 
Getting situated.

Yes, it was the students engine who failed…. Could you even believe…. It was like his 4th or 5th time “flying.”
He told me that as soon as he got a job he was going to buy one…. I could think of other things to spend my money on…. but maybe I am a scared-e-cat!! 

The teacher (left) kept yelling, “RUN, RUN, RUN” 

Up, up and away!!

The teacher decided to take the engine in question…. can’t say that I would have done the same…. I think I would rather walk!!


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I’m a dairy cattle showing, wine loving, cake baking, wife and mommy navigating the world of friend’s bridal and baby showers while living & loving life on the farm.


  1. All those pics look like so much fun…until the last one. THAT looks pretty scary to me! I think I’d rather walk too.

  2. Oh my goodness! I can’t imagine your expression when they came crashing in!

  3. OMG! Glad everyone was ok – how scary! I think I’d rather walk too!

  4. Don’t know why anyone would ride one of them. We have never had one land but they are in the air you can hear them

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