Wrangler Jeans!!

Enough said. I LOVE me some Wranglers!

I have always had a soft place for Wrangler jeans – it is something about their ruggedness that just says hard work to me! They are durable, heavy duty and they look great! So, I love when my kiddos wear them around the farm. I know that no matter what they get in to, the jeans will hold up!

I used to work at a Country Western apparel store for years while growing up. I sold everything from boots, hats, belts, leathers, feed, tack to brush poppers and Wrangler jeans! I remember spending hours organizing and folding children’s jeans and thinking a couple of things… 1) would I ever have little ones to dress in Wranglers and boots and 2) would they be comfortable – they were really ‘stiff’ jeans!

Needless to say, 20 years later, I am finding myself super excited to put my kids in their Wranglers. They have changed in many ways – they come in all sizes, they are a softer denim for comfort and they have adjustable waist tabs!

So, I was really excited when Wrangler offered to send us a pair of jeans for Miss Bug! When they came in the mail – I was totally shocked at how stylish they were! So was she!!! Check them out:

 If you would like to enter to win a pair of your own Wrangler Kids jeans, please visit the Real Farmwives of Americas page and sign up! The website to enter is: http://www.realfarmwivesofamerica.com/

And, here’s to many more years of Wrangler jeans for our family!!

While Wrangler did give me a pair of jeans to review on this blog all thoughts, pictures and opinions shared here are my own.


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  1. Love those! May have to order a pair for my two girls!

  2. So cute – Emi Lou would love those!

  3. First, I noticed the girls’ bows…love ’em 😉 Then, I noticed that Ciara received that same belt for Christmas. So cute! Hope to see you at YF Conference!

  4. Thought of you and your review when I found found an awesome sale this weekend and stocked up for Miss A’s summer show season! One of the 3 pairs we walked out with the the same style your little girl got! I agree – these are WAY cuter than Wranglers used to be! :)

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