Baby Shower for the Maid

Many of you probably know that the other “Maid” of our Two Maids is expecting a new bundle any day now! We have always joked (being dairy farmers) that she was the heifer and I was the 3rd lactation cow BUT she is about to join the lactating herd or the cow herd!! Sounds great – huh?!?!

We had a blast a few weeks ago celebrating with her and throwing a cow-themed baby shower!

Check it out:

This baby is going to be welcomed by lots of cousins and quite a few Aunts that can’t wait to love on it!

Going back to the dairy farm terms, we would say that she’s in the ‘close up’ pen now!!!


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  1. What a sweet shower! Best of luck with baby Kelsay!

  2. Very cute decor and LOVE the cake! Good luck with everything!

  3. Super cute party! Love the cake. Good Luck with everything, Liz. Looking forward to baby pictures.

  4. Sooooo exciting! Can’t wait to hear the good news! :)

  5. Oh my, so darn cute!!!

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