Slow Cooker Holiday Brown Sugar Ham

I had never made a ham in the  crock pot until a couple months ago! I didn’t realize what I was missing out on!

Crock Pot Ham with Brown Sugar Glaze

It is so easy and perfect for a holiday or when you are making a big meal and need the extra space in your oven for sides.

I have used two different recipes and it came out great both times! The first time I put the ham in the crockpot with a coke and let it cook for 5 hours on low and then I added the seasoning packet that came with the ham and let it cook for another hour. The second time I used this recipe!

It comes from the Gooseberry Patch cookbook Hometown Christmas.

This recipe reminds me of how my mom would make ham growing up. She always put pineapple rings on the top and when she was feeling extra fancy she would add a maraschino cherry to the centers which totally impressed my sister and I, flowers!

You do need a pretty large slow cooker if you are going to use a 7 pound ham, I used a 6 quart and it just did fit.

My favorite part of making a ham is all the possibilities for leftovers! Here are a couple recipes, just click the title below to get to the recipe!

Gretta’s Ham, Potato & Cheddar Quiche

Ham and Broccoli Bake

Creamy Ham and Potato Soup

Slow Cooker Holiday Brown Sugar Ham

Slow Cooker Holiday Brown Sugar Ham


  • 7 lb. fully cooked bone-in ham
  • 1 c. brown sugar, packed
  • 2 c. pineapple juice
  • 1/2 c. maple syrup


  1. Place ham in a large slow cooker, flat-side down.
  2. Rub brown sugar over all sides of ham.
  3. Drizzle with juice and syrup.
  4. Cover and cook on low setting for 6 to 8 hours.
  5. One hour before serving, baste ham with drippings.
  6. Transfer ham to a platter; let stand for 15 to 20 minutes before slicing.



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  1. Abigail Dickson says:

    My son is allergic to pineapple. Do you think regular apple juice or apple cider could be substituted for the pineapple juice?

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